At Elevation Health in DeBary, FL, our mission is simple: transform lives, restore families, create outrageous health, and ignite a healthcare revolution. One family at a time and one community at a time, we’re on a mission to elevate your life.

With the vision to help as many people as possible live the life they were born and created to live, Elevation Health is building principled chiropractic offices internationally. Their chiropractors lead and teach the families of their communities wellness lifestyle strategies. They all share a passion to spread God’s laws of life, health, and healing throughout the planet, thereby freeing families to live life without fear, empowering and equipping them to live high-potential lives.

Our promise is to be with you throughout your journey toward improving your life and view of health. Everything we do at Elevation Health has one purpose in mind: to make sure your health and well-being are always a top priority. For more than 20 years, we have been helping people with autism, ADHD, heart disease, diabetes, allergies… you name it.

  • Function: restore the innate healing capacity of the body
  • Fitness: provide an internal healing environment for the body
  • Nutrition: reduce body fat, preserve lean muscle, and eliminate toxins
  • Education: gain a true understanding of how your body works as a “whole”
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