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Featured Patient Testimonial:

“Dr. Joe ushers hope into your life, and educates you through workshops on the essentials to get you where you want/need to be and keep you there! Dr. Joe is 100% committed to you and your healing process on a level of care that I have never received before. There is no ‘shortcut’ to wellness. But if we follow our care plan, we CAN live a better life! Dr. Joe Ramirez is one of the most educated and dedicated Doctors that we have had the privilege to know in our lifetime. Don’t miss a chance to change your life, your present and your future.” – Carla  

Dr. Joe's Approach to Education:

While wellness programs have become very popular, many times they are filled with testing and evaluation instead of inspired action! My programs are focused on the following:

  • We value what’s important to you. Dr. Joe takes the time to discuss your group’s health goals before he puts your program together. Instead of trying to force a cookie-cutter Power Point presentation to fit your group’s needs, he takes your feedback and builds a customized program unique for your group. 
  • We value your time. One of the biggest challenges organizations have in implementing a wellness program is the amount of time it can take away from your daily responsibilities. Dr. Joe will work with your organization to develop a program that can be delivered in as little as 15 minutes and your group is guaranteed to walk away with actionable information! 
  • We want to be your Wellness Expert. One of the biggest complaints we hear about wellness programs is a concern that the speaker is only interested in promoting their books, products, or services to your group. When we work with you on a wellness program, our goal is to inspire a change in the overall health of your group so they experience greater productivity, less sick time, less stress, and more joy! We want you to see the value in doing multiple workshops with us because of the impact they have for your organization. 
  • What’s in it for Elevation Health? Dr. Joe is on a mission to ignite a healthcare revolution in Central Florida, one family at a time. Healthy businesses, schools, churches, sports programs, etc. have a ripple effect in our community, making it a better place to live. Dr. Joe can show you how to implement his programs at no-cost to your group. Just ask him how during your initial meeting.

Dr. Joe is available to deliver a workshop customized to your group’s needs and goals at your workplace, school, home, church, club, organization, etc. Topics can include:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Disease Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Injury Prevention and Posture
  • And More!

Help the people you care about by setting up a meeting with Dr. Joe today. Your first custom workshop is free!

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About Dr. Joe Ramirez, D.C.:

Dr. Joe has a passion for helping and empowering people to transform and safeguard their health and quality of lifeDr. Joe has been a speaker, leader, and influencer in the health field since 2011. He is also the Clinic Director at Elevation Health DeBary, where he offers free monthly workshops that teach key lifestyle strategies as a service to the community.

For more information on Dr. Joe’s background and where he has spoken, please see his bio under the About Us section.

"Dr. Joe’s workshops have enabled my mind to see in a fresh new way not only health, but also so-called ‘truths’ about health. Because of the knowledge I have obtained, I know from now on my life will be lived to the fullest."

- Elijah

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