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Featured Patient Testimonial and Case Study:

“I lost 25 pounds on the 12-week program through diet and supplementation alone, have kept it off, and couldn’t be happier! As a full-time wife, mom, teacher, and therapist over the last several years, I’ve been consumed with caring for others and lost quite a bit of myself in the process as I put my own health and self-care needs in last place… 

I did this program to get healthier (though looking better and fitting into smaller clothes have been great bonuses!), but part of this program’s priceless value has been to give me some of “me” back by being the first baby step into making time to care for myself again while still fulfilling my other roles and responsibilities… 

Before the program, I struggled with:

  • Extreme fatigue and brain fog  
  • Digestive difficulties 
  • Chronic fungal infections
  • Severe hormonal headaches 
  • Frequent chest pains
  • High stress and mood swings
  • Not investing any time into self-care
  • Clothes too tight and living in baggy stretchy clothes

After the program, I experienced:

  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Greatly improved digestion
  • Infections gone and hair, skin, and nails continuing to improve
  • Less frequent and less severe headaches
  • No more chest pains
  • More peaceful and positive emotions
  • Investments into self-care in phases with great results
  • Clothes fitting well and comfortable/confident in form-fitting clothes

Over the course of my life, I’ve been on many different weight loss programs. If they were successful at all, I still always gained all the weight back quickly and then some. Not only was this program incredibly successful, but I’ve kept the weight off easily

I feel the best I ever have in my entire life! My next steps are to continue eating healthier with occasional detox days and incorporate exercise as well as better quality/quantity of sleep as much as possible to complete and maintain my healing and well-being for life. While I still enjoy food, it’s no longer a source of comfort for me, but rather fuel to live my life to the fullest and be the best I can be for everyone around me. Thank you Elevation Health DeBary!” – Laura

At Elevation Health DeBary, we use state-of-the-art technology in body composition analysis to make sure the weight you are losing is the weight you want to lose. Other programs can help you lose weight, but it’s often muscle or water that you really don’t want to lose – this type of weight loss is almost never permanent, nor is it healthy weight loss. 

When you follow our recommendations, you can expect similar results to Laura’s above and you will see exactly where your weight loss is coming from on your weekly checkup visits during your customized program.

As you can see, Laura had a 34% decrease in visceral fat! This is the dangerous fat that surrounds your organs and was contributing to Laura’s chest pains that are now gone!

She lost 25 lbs, but more importantly she lost the right kind of pounds! 20.4 lbs of the weight loss came from adipose fat (the fat that hangs around your waist, buttocks, and thighs). The other 4.6 lbs was an accumulation of toxic tissue/waste that builds up in the digestive system.

Our technology also measures your metabolic age. Laura was 42 years old when she started, but she was functioning metabolically at the level of a 55 year old. When she was done with her program, she improved to a metabolic age of 35!


Our Unique Approach To Weight Loss:

There are hundreds and thousands of books and videos on weight loss and yet the United States of America struggles with obesity rates that continue to grow. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is the cause of most of the top lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Our weight loss program is a lifestyle program. You could really call it a “Get Healthy Program” and weight loss is the byproduct of a healthy body. Because our program teaches you how to eat to be healthy, your weight loss results are sustainable as long as you don’t go back to eating the SAD diet.

On our programs, you will eat real food. Most of our weight loss patients actually struggle to get enough calories in because the program focuses on eating nutrient-dense foods instead of the nutrient-deficient foods that make up the SAD diet. We provide 100% natural supplements that aid in digestion, help eliminate cravings, improve detoxification, balance hormones, and restore proper nutrient levels to the body. Our patients are often shocked at how easy it is to overcome their cravings on our programs.

We check over 100 possible symptoms of imbalances in the body with our comprehensive symptom assessment. It is designed to identify the aspects of a healthy person that are out of balance in your body. We look at hormones, gut health, hydration, stress, sleep, metabolism, detoxification, nutrient absorption, and many other factors that influence weight loss. 

We use a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) that acts as a baseline so we can monitor your weight loss on a weekly basis to ensure the weight you are losing is the right kind.

Because these customized programs focus on getting you healthy, they can help with a variety of conditions  and decrease overall body inflammation. Included are the same key approaches Dr. Joe used to reverse his autoimmune condition (along with Chiropractic), but much simpler and way more flexible.

This program has helped thousands of people to lose their weight, gain health, and restore energy. Since the focus is on getting the body healthy, the weight loss results are long-term, unlike typical fad diets. 

“I lost 60 pounds! My relationship with food has completely changed. This program made all the difference. Mentally and physically, it has been amazing!” – Marykaye

“I lost 60 pounds! Once I started eating lots of healthy food, I saw a real improvement. Eating real food has made all the difference. Plus, I have much more energy!” – Josh

“I lost 30 pounds! If it weren’t for your program, I would still be miserable, unhappy, and overweight. I tell everyone it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was worth every penny!” – Correne

“I lost 30 pounds! The support from the staff helped us through many challenges and frustrations.” – Ginette


Added Support with UCLA-Designed Detoxification Body Wraps:

Patients can support their weight loss and detoxification efforts with these cutting-edge body wraps designed by UCLA to achieve the desired results with minimal to no sweating. Lose 4″ to 14″ of cellulite in 1 hour! 

These body wraps target toxins that build up in the cellulite. Traditional diet and exercise do not effectively eliminate these toxins. The body wraps are a painless, relaxing, and easy way to iron out unsightly cellulite while getting a healthier body. 

"I enjoyed the knowledge Dr. Joe shared with me regarding eating more natural foods that don’t contain so many additives that harm your body. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of eating better to improve getting a healthier body. I asked him many questions and he always took the time to answer them."

- Kat

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